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Men vs Women – Mobile Advertising Behaviour Trends

By Kevin Z. on July 30, 2012 in Blog

Mobile  browsing on smart phones and tablets is seeing explosive growth this year and is expected to further balloon in the coming months.  That’s why any available statistical information and data can be a great tool in promoting your mobile business or justify any mobile advertising ventures that you’re planning to undertake.

One study, done by Prosper Mobile Insights in the United States, determined an important difference between men and women’s mobile browsing behavior. Apparently, men were more inclined to exclusively use their mobile internet for mobile banking and Instant Messaging while women restricted their smartphone and tablet usage to social networking or email.

However, this stark difference between the sexes in terms of mobile browsing doesn’t mean that their behavior towards mobile advertising is different as well. According to “Smartphone and tablet owners of both genders reported that seeing a mobile ad on a relevant topic was the factor most likely to get them to pay more attention to the ad.”

Slight differences however were recognized by the study as well. It was found out that women were more likely to ignore banner ads, pop-up ads and video ads but were more like to pay attention to ads that seem humorous.  On the other hand, men were more likely to take a look at an ad if they were exposed to less number of ads.

With the number of US smartphone users expected to grow to a whopping 116 million and tablet users expected to be around 55 million by the end of the year, these kinds of insights will be very useful for mobile advertisers in the US who are projected to spend around $2.3 billion this year.

You can visit for more details on the study and the figures mentioned in this article.

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