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Mobile Marketing for Law Firms

Mobile marketing for law firms is a great way to generate new business and engage your existing clients. People are now relying on mobile when making decisions, looking for directions or even general company information. Companies including law firms are turning to mobile as part of their business growth strategy and our suite of mobile marketing tools are the perfect fit.


mobile CMS   Plot the office location with tap-to-map and integrated GPS locator

mobile CMS   Create mobile friendly listing of services including detailed descriptions

mobile CMS   Create lawyer profiles with clickable contact information

mobile CMS   Publish photos of the firm and lawyers optimized for a smartphone

mobile CMS   Organize content and resources for easy access on a smartphone

mobile CMS   Create external links to legal sites, associations and social media

mobile CMS   Embed YouTube video directly into mobile site (created separately)

mobile   Create paperless business cards to generate more referrals

mobile   Build a list and mass message clients with important announcements

mobile   Create lead generation forms for users to opt-in to the list

mobile   Generate unique mobile autoresponders to set it and forget it

mobile   Offer an appointment scheduling platform and reminder service

mobile   Create polls to gain valuable customer feedback and opinions

mobile   Generate detailed reports right down to the message

  • Paperless business cards via QR code scan
  • Custom brand your QR code for a business card
  • Geo targeted QR code scan tracking to see where your marketing efforts are working best