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Mobile Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

Mobile marketing for plastic surgeons is an essential way to attract the higher end sophisticated clientele that is the target market of surgeons around the world. Plastic surgery is a service that is used by the affluent clientele who are already utilizing mobile when making decisions. It’s imperative that plastics surgeons do not neglect to handle their mobile marketing for their practice so they can generate more business and retain current clientele.


mobile CMS   Easily allow your clients to find and contact your office

mobile CMS   Create mobile friendly menus including desciptions and graphics

mobile CMS   List special events, regular theme nights or corporate parties

mobile CMS   Include information about the practice with  history and surgeons

mobile CMS   Publish photos of previous work and clients optimized for a smartphone

mobile CMS   Create external links to Facebook, Twitter and other sites

mobile CMS   Offer discounts and specials to entice new client consultations

mobile CMS   Embed YouTube video directly into mobile site (created separately)

mobile   Offer an appointment scheduling platform and reminder service

mobile   Create a short code to opt-in and get more information

mobile   Build a list and mass message patients with important announcements

mobile   Create mobile coupons and send to users via mobile web/SMS code

mobile   Create lead generation forms for users to opt-in to the list

mobile   Create a text-to-win campaign to help build the patient database

mobile   Generate unique mobile autoresponders to set it and forget it

mobile   Create polls to gain valuable patient feedback and opinions

mobile   Post announcements and coupons to Facebook and Twitter

mobile   Generate detailed reports right down to the message

  • Create custom QR codes linking to your mobile website
  • Create paperless business cards to your practice using QR codes
  • Better analytics and reporting tools to provide business owners with REAL results
  • Brand your QR code with colour and logo design