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Mobile Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Mobile marketing for real estate agents is quickly becoming standard practice for agents and brokerages around the world. Real Estate agents and brokerages understand the importance mobile marketing and realize that it can be the difference between a house being sold quicker than the neighbour two houses down. Today’s real estate agent needs to have a strong mobile presence, which includes a mobile friendly website complete with property listings, mobile photo galleries, tap-to-call and tap-to-map capabilities. Promote each property with a QR code on the front lawn, or geo-track scanned codes from newspaper listings. Connect with buyers and provide additional information via confidential SMS. The opportunities are endless!



mobile CMS   Plot your listings location with tap-to-map and integrated GPS locator

mobile CMS   Create mobile friendly listings including desciptions and images

mobile CMS   List open houses and other events

mobile CMS   Include full generic content for listings that may help the sale

mobile CMS   Publish a photo gallery virtual tour optimized for a smartphone

mobile CMS   Organize content in sub-menus (group menus or property listings)

mobile CMS   Create external links to Facebook, Twitter and other sites

mobile CMS   Embed YouTube video of the listing directly into the mobile site

mobile   Create a short code to join a list or find out about a property

mobile    Build a list and mass message upcoming listings and open houses

mobile    Create lead generation forms for prospective buyers to opt-in to lists

mobile    Offer an appointment scheduling and reminder service for showings

mobile    Create polls to gain valuable customer feedback and opinions

mobile    Post announcements and coupons to Facebook and Twitter

mobile    Generate detailed reports right down to the message

  • Brand your QR code with colour and logo design
  • Include your custom QR code on all your signage
  • Geo targeted qr code scan tracking to see who is scanning your QR and where
  • Create custom campaigns for each listing to easily track which listings are getting the most traction
  • QR Code linked directly to Virtual Tours