Kevin Z.

Founder & CEO

About Kevin Z.

Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs,

kevin6My name is Kevin Z. and I am CEO of brick&mobile.

Up until early 2011, I worked for Canada’s largest media company selling millions in Internet and Mobile advertising to Fortune 50 brands.

I was #1 in sales on our digital sales team of 10 senior reps, and was pulling in more than anyone with a double territory.

kevin7However, I began to see some fascinating trends.

Our Newspaper and Television sales teams were missing their targets, having client budgets slashed, and sadly, getting laid off.

It opened my eyes to a massive opportunity – all the media money was moving to MOBILE!

Not long after, I quit my job, andcommitted to developing the BEST mobile marketing solutions for local resellers.

Fast forward to today – has clients across the world using our mobile marketing tools, training and support.  If you believe in mobile – GO FOR IT!

There will be no turning back.

To your success,


CEO and Founder of brick&mobile

Kevin Zicherman is a seasoned marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in corporate, startup and entrepreneurial-based digital web and mobile ecosystems.

Kevin is currently the CEO of brick&mobile, a full service mobile marketing company specializing in turnkey reseller programs and White Label Mobile CMS solutions.

Kevin’s passion for mobile innovation and sales training is the driving force for thousands of successful mobile marketing partners and local resellers worldwide.

His extensive experience in mobile marketing, local Internet marketing and digital media sales have helped develop ROI-focused digital marketing campaigns for clients such as Sony, Maytag, Coca Cola, Disney, FujiFilm, General Motors, Toyota, LG Electronics, Microsoft, and thousands of local businesses around the world.