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Most Frequent Questions

Below you will find the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions.
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  • Does this work on all phones?

    YES! Our Mobile Wallet Loyalty program works on all major smartphones including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry, as well as other devices like iPad, iPod and more, allowing you to offer a universal Mobile Wallet Punch Card solution.

  • Do customers need to download a separate app?

    NO! Customers do not need to download a separate app, this will work natively with Apple Wallet and all other smartphone Mobile Wallet apps.

  • Is this secure, can customers cheat the system?

    NO! Customers cannot validate their own Punch Cards. Only approved smartphones can securely validate Punch Cards by simply scanning the Punch Card on the customer’s phone.

  • Does this work in my country?

    YES! Our Mobile Wallet Loyalty platform is a cloud based and works anywhere in the world that has accessible internet.

  • What languages are available?

    Currently Punch Cards can be created in: English, French, German, Spanish and Hebrew. If you don’t see your language, simply contact support and we can add it for you!

  • Can I White Label this platform under my company's brand?

    YES! You can easily customize the platform branding to reflect your company’s logo. Your clients will think the platform is yours.

  • Can my clients login and manage their own Punch Card programs?

    YES! Your clients can login under your own brand and manage their own campaigns. (Reseller/Agency Plans only)

  • Does this work with Geo-fencing?

    YES! You can set up GPS “regions” throughout your city where custom notifications will be displayed when Punch Card holders enter these pre-defined areas.

  • Does Mobile Wallet Loyalty integrate with Beacons?

    YES! Mobile Wallet Loyalty allows you to add beacons with custom messages for in-store notifications and increased customer engagement.

  • Can I make the Punch Card custom branded for my clients?

    YES! You can customize a number of elements on the actual Punch Card to make it unique for your clients.

  • Can I update Punch Cards in real-time?

    YES! Punch Cards can be changed in real-time and additional offers for your customers to take advantage of can be added instantly without having to reinstall the Punch Card.

  • How much time do you guys need to setup the White Label accounts?

    White Label accounts are setup right away.  However, the custom branding of your URL typically takes 2-5 business days to set up.

  • Can I sell this service like my own branded SaaS?

    Yes! Our White Label option is specifically designed to allow you to offer your own 100% custom branded Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, where you can bill your clients month-after-month for using your software.

  • Do customers have to install Apple Wallet on their phones?

    No. Apple Wallet comes pre-installed on all the latest iPhones and iOS 6 and later devices.

  • Does this work on Android? Which Android Wallet software do you recommend?

    Yes this works on Android.  A few mobile wallet options for Android are Pass2U or Passwallet.

  • How do I make money with this? How much can I charge for this service?

    Charging for your Mobile Wallet Punch Card solution varies depending on the pillars of value you offer your clients.  However, you can see this pricing table as a guideline on how you can price your service.

  • How do I get customers?

    It’s simple. Look for local businesses currently offering physical paper punch cards to their customers. Also, any business looking to increase loyalty, and typically has a recurring type of product or service is a good place to look for leads. As part of our strategy training sessions, we cover different ways to attract new customers. Plus, the marketing materials and bonuses will help make selling your Mobile Wallet services EASY!

  • How do I handle a client that has paper cards already out there and they don't want to switch?

    Explain to them the benefits of Mobile Wallet punch card loyalty program and how it will save them money, eliminate fraud and engage their audience in a way that is not possible using the old paper punch cards.

  • How do we get customers to on-board for our clients?

    By setting up an easy to use distribution strategy including emails, SMS text message marketing and including QR codes on in-store posters and table tops will encourage customers to download the businesses Punch Card.

  • How does the retailer scan the pass? What are the steps?

    Retailers can scan the Punch Card using an iPhone and Android device which has the Pass Verifier app installed. You can also choose to validate Punch Cards with any scanning app using a mobile browser and PIN password. Lastly, you can also add Punches directly via the Loyalty user Dashboard.

  • How are punches validated and verified so there is no punch fraud?

    When you use Pass Verifier, your Scanning app is locked to the Punch Card so only that pre-authorized device will be allowed to validate Punch Cards. You can also view analytics and metrics to identify any suspected Punch Card fraud.

  • Is it fast for the business owner to validate individual punches?

    Validating Punch Cards happens in real-time and only takes a few seconds.

  • What kind of phone or device do we need to validate the Punch Cards?

    Pass Verifier works on iPhone and Android.  However, you can use any scanning app when you choose Browser verification. Devices you can use to Scan passes securely on site include iPhone, Android, iPod Touch, iPad and Bluetooth Scanner (with PC). If not using Pass Verifier, you can also use a Windows Phone and BlackBerry, then enter the 4-digit code when authenticating the Punch.

  • Can I use different Beacons other than Estimote?

    Yes. You can use any type of Beacon with Mobile Wallet Loyalty. However we recommended using Estimote Beacons as it provides the easiest integration when setting up Beacon notifications in the mobile wallet punch card platform.

  • What needs to be turned on for Beacons to work?

    In order for punch card holders to receive Beacon notifications they need to have Bluetooth enabled on their smartphone.

  • Can multiple beacons have a different message for an available reward?

    Yes. You can attach multiple Beacons to your Mobile Wallet Punch Card. Each Beacon can have a different contextual message based on the customers proximity to the Beacon.

  • What is the radius range of Beacon notifications?

    Estimote Beacons have a radius range of anywhere between 1 foot to 70 meters depending on how you customize the signal strength of the Beacon.

  • What is the radius range of GPS notifications?

    GPS notifications have a radius range of approximately 100 meters.

  • Does a Punch Card need to be installed to get GPS and Beacon Notifications?

    Yes. GPS and Beacon notifications will only be sent to people who have downloaded and added the Punch Card into their mobile wallet.

  • Will this work with in-store scanners?

    Yes, however it depends on the type of scanner. You can use a number hand-held scanners in conjunction with the Dashboard Punch Card validation tool found in the Loyalty user account.

  • What is the All-In-One Ecosystem?

    The All-In-One Mobile Ecosystem is a collection of mobile marketing tools and strategies to allow you to start your own full service mobile marketing agency under your own brand.

  • What products are included with the All-In-One Ecosystem?

    Included with the All-In-One Mobile Ecosystem is access to our Mobile Wallet Loyalty program, Social Wi-Fi Marketing program, Mobile Websites, NFC Platform and SMS Marketing platform.

  • Can I brand the All-In-One Mobile Ecosystem products as my own?

    Yes!  You can custom brand the various platforms included with the All-In-One Mobile Ecosystem with your own logo, URL and more.

  • Do you provide training with the All-In-One Ecosystem?

    Yes! All of our programs come with marketing and technical support training to help you get off the ground quickly.

  • Are marketing materials included with the All-In-One Ecosystem?

    Yes!  You will get instant access to customizable marketing materials which you can rebrand with your own design and content.

  • Can I use the All-In-One Ecosystem in my country?

    Yes! We currently have partners all over the world who use our training and mobile marketing platforms to help build their full service mobile marketing agency.

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