Integrations Are Essential

Provide a loyalty experience miles ahead of the competition with these integrations.


Allow customers who’ve opted in to your loyalty program to use their Facebook account when entering their information. Great for social re-marketing.


We integrate directly with Zapier so you can send your customer contact details to any autoresponder or CRM of your choice.


Offer credit card payment options for punch cards expand your offerings.

E.g. (Buy 10 gym sessions ahead of time. Instead of a reward, the customer receives a notification to top up again)


We integrate directly with Estimote, a global leader in beacon technology. This makes adding in-store push notifications to your punch cards a super simple process.

Push Notifications Without An App

MobiPunch gives you the ability to send push notifications to customers participating in your Mobile Wallet Punch Card Loyalty campaigns. Send push notifications via GPS or in-store Beacons to customers with your Punch Cards in their mobile wallet without needing an app installed.


MobiPunch has partnered with Estimote a global leader in beacon technology. Direct integration between MobiPunch and Estimote beacons makes adding-in store push notifications to your Punch Cards a super simple process.


MobiPunch allows you to setup GPS Geo-Fences around your clients business and city to send Push Notifications to Punch Card holders. When customers enter these areas they are sent Push Notifications directly to their smartphone.