Take A Tour Of The Social Powered Wi-Fi Platform

The cloud dashboard allows for simplified campaign creation, management and optimization.

To explore the Social Powered Wi-Fi platform, click on the respective tabs below

View a high level overview of the most important activity on your Social Powered Wi-Fi platform.


Create geographic locations for your Social Powered Wi-Fi marketing campaigns and group devices to run the same campaign.

In just a few clicks, you can add a new location!

Easily add and manage your Social Powered Wi-Fi Hotspots. Get real-time device status and details from the cloud.

Name your device, select a supported hotspot from the drop down list, input the device MAC address and select your location.

Configuring your hardware is as easy as hitting ‘Complete Setup’.

Create custom branded Social Powered Wi-Fi login experiences. Update the look and feel of your campaigns in real time from the cloud. Overview and manage all your campaigns in one place.

Assign the campaign SSID and social login options for your Social Powered Wi-Fi campaigns.

Create multi-language campaigns and customize the look and feel of the Social Powered Wi-Fi campaign for a true personalized experience.

Successfully redirect the user to the destination URL of choice of create a Custom Thank You page. Set your integrations, analytics tracking and automated email reporting to stay on top of user activity.

Customize the post login experience by allowing customers to share pre-defined message about your business on their own Facebook or Twitter profile.

View detailed statistics on your Social Powered Wi-Fi Hotspots and collected user data. Easily sort and filter your data to learn more about the users and the Free Wi-Fi service.

View a time sorted graphical overview of all connections to your Social Powered Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Send personalized emails and SMS & E-Mail messages to connected Wi-Fi users after they connect to the Social Powered Wi-Fi campaign. This can include coupons, promotions or custom marketing messaging.

Adding automations is easy! Select the message content, frequency and filters for a fully customizable Social Powered Wi-Fi marketing solution.

Create sub users with different permission levels to help manage and monitor your Social Powered Wi-Fi Hotspots and campaigns.

Input the Sub Users details – first name, last name, email address, password and click next.

Assign different levels of permission so your clients or team mates can manage and monitor your Social Powered Wi-Fi campaigns.

Customize the look and feel of your Social Powered Wi-Fi platform under your own 100% White Label custom domain and brand.

See an overview of all your active integrations, or sort by integration type – Social Apps, Auto Responders, SMS / Text Apps, Payment Gateways or Others.

Adding a new integration is simple. Name your integration and select the serve from the drop down menu.

Manage your account from the My Accounts tab within your dashboard. Update your personal account information or manage your subscription to fit your business needs.

With 100+ support articles and tutorial videos you have all the information you need to get up and running in no time.

What You Can Accomplish With The Social Powered Wi-Fi Platform