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Understanding The Key Concepts Of The Mobile Ecosystem

The biggest mobile categories can be broken down into mobile optimization and content marketing. Each element of the Mobile Ecosystem is essential in developing a full mobile and proximity marketing strategy for your clients.

Determining Value Of Your Services

The value of your mobile marketing services is determined by timing, perceived usefulness and desirability of your services. Each element of the Mobile Ecosystem can be positioned to meet client objectives such as increasing revenue, boosting consumer engagement, growing a loyal customer base and automating marketing efforts.


Building Your Sales Funnel And Up-selling Your Services

Avoid selling your services based on price. Instead, position your services based on your client’s objectives. The Mobile Ecosystem includes everything you need to generate leads, nurture your prospects and turn those prospects into customers. Once you have your customer it’s about up-selling your services.

How To Develop Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Use different elements of the Mobile Ecosystem to create integrated marketing campaigns. Each integrated campaign can be customized to meet client objectives and depends on the value you offer your client on executing each campaign.


General Campaign Template For Your Mobile Ecosystem

Using the general campaign templates, you can create integrated marketing campaigns using the elements of the Mobile Ecosystem to specifically target your client’s objectives.

Steps To Building Your Successful Mobile Marketing Agency

When you understand the basic blueprint for the development of your new mobile marketing business you can provide the ROI (return on investment) your clients are looking for using the Mobile Ecosystem package.


Discover The Power Of The Mobile Ecosystem

Mobile Websites

With the massive growth in smartphone and mobile device usage, a premium mobile or responsive website helps your clients engage with their customers on-the-go.

NFC Tags

Action-based NFC tags allow customers to instantly engage with a business via mobile web, phone, social media and more, all with the tap of a smartphone.

Mobile Wallet Loyalty

Leverage mobile coupons, loyalty cards, stored value cards, digital punch cards and more, all managed from a customer’s Mobile Wallet.

Wi-Fi Marketing

Build loyalty and increase engagement by allowing customers to connect via social media in exchange for free Wi-Fi access, promotions and more.

Proximity Marketing

Provide real-time push notifications and promotions automatically to customers who pass a physical iBeacon at a business location.

SMS Marketing

An important driver to generate mobile campaign engagement with 2-way text message marketing and MMS picture/video messaging.

Discover The Power Of The Mobile Ecosystem

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