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See how easy it is to build a mobile website using the White Label CMS.


View your published and non-published mobile and responsive websites.

Fully customize the layout, style and header of your mobile site with real-time preview functionality.

Select the navigation layout and style for your mobile site.

Customize your site background, text and button style and choose from complimentary color palettes when building your new mobile site.

Easily manage your pages and add popular content types using in site widgets.

Adding new pages to your site is easy. Simply select the type of page you want to add and add your content.

Preview how your new mobile site will appear across iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry.

Send your client a before and after preview URL for final approval and publish your site!

See how easy it is to build a responsive website using the White Label CMS.


The easy to use responsive site builder  allows you to manage all aspects of your site from the design dashboard.

Fully customize the color palettes, text style, navigation style, button style, background color as well a header of your responsive site.

Add elements to your site such as image sliders, photo galleries or maps using the drag and drop builder.

Manage or add new pages to your site or add contextual pop ups for an engaging user experience.

Collect content from client or import content from an existing site.

Personalize the user experience with dynamic content that will change based on the visitor’s proximity to the business, their visit frequency, time of day and more.

Design a fully responsive eCommerce site built into your responsive website.

Add and fully manage a blog so your clients can stay connected with their consumers.

At anytime you can preview how your responsive site will look across desktop, tablet and smartphone.

With access to our support articles and tutorial videos, you’ll have all the information you need to get up and running in no time.

What You Can Accomplish With The White Label Mobile CMS.